Family Union Medium Frame Crystal Grid

Strawberry Quartz, Clear Quartz and Larimar arranged lovingly on Italian cotton paper.

34cm x 34cm x 4cm (W x H x D)



‘Family Union’ opens the heart to all kinds of love, encourages and strengthens family connections, and promotes peace and communication.



The perfect gift for any occasion, our ‘Family Union’ crystal grid can be placed anywhere your family gathers, such as the dining or living room. When in the correct location, the crystal grid will have a greater energetic influence.

All crystals are cleansed with white sage prior to shipping and can be recharged under the light of a full moon.



Larimar: the stone of wisdom, exploration, and heightened understanding.

  • Enlightens and heals – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  • Stimulates the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras
  • Facilitates inner wisdom and outer manifestation
  • Radiates peace, clarity, healing, and love energy


Clear Quartz: the stone of amplifying energy and thought.

  • Absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy
  • Dispels negative energy of all kinds
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Aids concentration and memory


Strawberry Quartz: the stone of universal love.

  • Personal importance, resilience, and self-belief
  • Recognising hidden talents
  • Helps discover one’s destined path

Family Union Medium Frame Crystal Grid

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