Love and Peace Medium Crystal Grid

Dream Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz arranged lovingly on Italian cotton paper.

34cm x 34cm x 4cm (W x H x D)



‘Love and Peace’ opens the heart to all kinds of love and promotes mental clarity.



The perfect gift for any occasion, our ‘Peace and Love’ crystal grid can be placed anywhere you would like to invite positive, peaceful, and loving energy. This may be a bedroom, living room or meditation space, or perhaps a children’s bedroom or nursery. 

All crystals are cleansed with white sage prior to shipping and can be recharged under the light of a full moon.



Rose Quartz: the stone of universal love.

  • Trust, harmony, and peace
  • Unconditional self-love and friendship
  • Deep inner healing
  • Purifies and opens the heart at all levels


Clear Quartz: the stone of amplifying energy and thought.

  • Absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy
  • Dispels negative energy of all kinds
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Aids concentration and memory


Dream Amethyst: the stone of protection, healing, and purification. 

  • Dispels negative thoughts
  • Humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom

Love and Peace Medium Frame Crystal Grid

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